Pre-Engineered Buildings

Scott Construction Niagara Inc is an independent contractor providing Design-Build packages for all applications of commercial and industrial projects. From large corporations adding 100,000+ sq. ft. to Municipalities wanting a maintenance building to a new company with needs for office and storage space for their startup operation, Scott Construction can respond quickly and practically for all their needs.

From Manufacturing and Distribution centers and sport clubs, Scott Construction Design-Build facilities offer the ultimate in design and value without sacrificing quality.

The non-loading walls of pre-engineered systems permit wide clear span interiors that can be unobstructed by interior columns. Special loading for cranes and other heavy equipment are simply incorporated at the design stage.  Walls are factory finished with steel interiors and steel liners on the interior.  Interior bracing is engineered to withstand worst-case scenarios in weather.

Operating costs with metal building are the lowest possible. Superior thermal efficiency reduces heating and cooling costs and high tech finishes and metal standing-seam roofs cut maintenance costs to a minimum. Because walls are non-load bearing, future expansion and additional overhead doors are simplified.

There is no way to get a better or lower cost building then with a metal building from Scott Construction Niagara Inc. We source the market for our clients and provide the most cost effective package tailored to your needs and budget.  We have highly qualified erectors that we work with who specialize in the erection of Pre-Eng buildings.

Safety is always an extremely high priority and both our own forces and the sub-trades we employ, are trained and re-freshed in the proper methods of working with awkward materials and weights at heights.

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